Fragile Heart

Feature Film

Tag line

Sometimes life meets us at the bench we’re sitting on and the unexpected happens.


At the deepest state of despair, we can find it in us to impact others in a beautiful way, to reach those around us, not always seen or heard. That’s where the healing begins. Danny’s a drifter with a grudge and a slightly twisted Robin Hood complex. Savannah struggles with self-image and has lost nearly everything that ever mattered to her. These two were meant to meet, like Bonnie and Clyde or a crate of sweating dynamite and a pothole. With nothing to lose and an impulsive relationship that fuels the fire, these two are destined to a life sentence of celebrity they never saw coming. They’ll learn to trust, risk and redefine the boundaries of life. A not so classic love story just a heartbeat away from a happy ending.