LCP Film Partners, LLC has an incredibly diverse slate of creative film and television projects with varying budgets to choose from. They all have one thing in common, a purpose beyond merely entertaining. Our objective is to create content that will inspire audiences and make strong financial sense.

All projects are in various stages of development. We’re looking for investors that wish to join us in making meaningful films and compelling television shows that entertain, touch hearts and excites the imagination of people around the world. With a comprehensive background and understanding of investment strategies, LCP Film Partners, LLC is ready to consider all opportunities of finance. Let us know what project fits your legacy.

Our team at Last Chance Productions Film Partners, LLC, and The Actors Room maintains a close working relationship with professionals from all major studios. However, LCP Film Partners, LLC is not controlled by studio bureaucracy, bloat, and politics, thus we have more freedom and flexibility to give incentives, transparency, and involvement back to our investors and the community; studio quality projects on an independent budget.

Teamwork, creative minds, genuine hearts, and a strong work ethic will get the job done.

For investment information or details on how you can invest in LCP Film Partners, LLC projects, please click on the “NCNDA FORM AND REQUEST” link. Please then check the “agreed to” box provided, and complete the request of information form.

Once LCP Film Partners, LLC receives your request, we’ll contact you. All requests will be vetted before materials (Business Plan, Investor’s Packet, etc.) are sent. Investment opportunities vary according to the project and the appetite of our investors.

We look forward to hearing from you.



We all want to leave the world a better place. Film is an exciting and respectable way to establish your name and that of your descendants with an inheritance in motion picture history.


Smart business opportunity with a potentially lucrative payout. As an asset class, film would appear to be uncorrelated to the other types of investments and recession resistant as people still go to the movies or rent them.

Tax Incentive

You’ll have to seek your own CPA’s advice on this matter BUT... many private investors have been in the position of having more income than expenses annually, and Uncle Sam wants you to give that hard earned cash to him. Well, why not invest that surplus into a business venture such as film? The risk to reward scenario may work out in your favor.

Opportunities For Product Placement

What better place to advertise your product, brand or service? This type of investment has proven to be one of the most effective ways to successfully infuse “what you do” into today’s culture.

You’ve Always Wanted To Make A Film Or Be In The Entertainment Industry

Imagine your name being showcased as “Executive Producer” during opening credits, walking the red carpet, mingling with celebrities, meeting other important and influential people, winning awards, and attending premiere night. It makes for great conversation and bragging rights too.

You Love The Art Of Filmmaking And Have The Financial Means But Don’t Have The Resources Or Know How To Make A Film

That’s why finding the right independent film company to collaborate with is invaluable. LCP Film Partners, LLC will guide you through every aspect of the process with integrity and transparency. You won’t get that with a studio film investment.

You Or A Loved One Wants To Break Into The Film/Television Industry

Why wait? Even if you’re tremendously talented, it’s near impossible to get the break you deserve, or it could take years. Many start-up actors have funded their place at the table and are now living their dream. With a variety of projects and an entertaining slate of films to choose from LCP Film Partners, LLC is ready to find what works best for you or those you love. We’ve spent over 25 years developing strong relationships with top industry leaders and learning what it takes to make a great film.

Nothing Quite As Uniquely Exciting, Fun Or Rewarding Then Being On A Film Set Or Studio Lot

Really, enough said. You just have to experience it.

Make A Difference

A collective vision, voice and effort can inspire a generation and change the world in a positive and meaningful way - history has proven this fact. There’s no other resource that’ll communicate your purpose better than Film and Television.


Full Length Feature Film