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Film and Television Slate

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LCP Film Partners, LLC has an incredibly diverse slate of creative film and television projects with varying budgets to choose from. They all have one thing in common, a purpose beyond merely entertaining. Our objective is to create content that will inspire audiences and make strong financial sense.

All projects are in various stages of development. We’re looking for investors that wish to join us in making meaningful films and compelling television shows that entertain, touch hearts and excites the imagination of people around the world. With a comprehensive background and understanding of investment strategies, LCP Film Partners, LLC is ready to consider all opportunities of finance. Let us know what project fits your legacy.

Our team at Last Chance Productions Film Partners, LLC, and The Actors Room maintains a close working relationship with professionals from all major studios. However, LCP Film Partners, LLC is not controlled by studio bureaucracy, bloat, and politics, thus we have more freedom and flexibility to give incentives, transparency, and involvement back to our investors and the community; studio quality projects on an independent budget.

Teamwork, creative minds, genuine hearts, and a strong work ethic will get the job done.

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